Vehicle refinish

Spot the difference!

Challenges are part of our daily life!

The car industry is progressing rapidly proposing even more technologies and new substrates which change the working process of the refinish shops.

Your customers look for outstanding coating solutions to access performances like fast-drying, good aesthetic, glossy finish, durability and low VOC.

We design a full offer of binders and additives to respond to today's complex market requirements. 

car refinish
Vehicle refinish

Multiple technologies provider:

All layers targetted:

Primer - Surfacer filler - Basecoat - Clearcoat - Topcoat

Find the right properties for invisible repair


Reducing emissions

Material saving            

Energy saving

Less hazardous solvent 

VOC compliancy: standard to high solids resins


Fast dry          

Early sanding     

Low temperature curing

DTM (Direct To Metal)   

Thinner film

Formulation flow behaviour and film thickness control


DOI (Distinction Of Image)    

High quality

Good aesthetic

Glossy finish        

Flow improvement

Color and gloss retention  

UV protection


Lower maintenance

Corrosion protection

Abrasion, scratch and impact resistance