ENCOR® 2769 – Pure acrylic that improves indoor air quality.

The technology to capture the formaldehyde without releasing it!

Formaldehyde is among the most frequent indoor air polluants. 

It is a colorless, pungent-smelling gas that can cause severe health effects:

eye, skin or throat irritation, allergic skin reaction…


That is why Arkema focused its research on a new low MFFT acrylic binder that acts for the reduction of formaldehyde in our interiors.


Waterborne resin

Acrylic binder




Formaldehyde capture

Low coalescent demand

Low emissions

Very good film formation
Low tack, also in low PVC formulations
APEO and ammonia free


Architectural and decorative coatings

High quality wall paints

Trim paints

Download our specific flyer to discover our results about formaldehyde consumption over time.