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Synaqua® 4804 offers low VOC options for developing the highest gloss products with the feel of a solvent-based alkyd.

Synaqua® 4804 is an APEO and ammonia-free short oil alkyd emulsion designed for use in a wide variety of coatings in which performance similar to solvent-based alkyds are desired. It offers the coatings formulator a low VOC option to develop the highest gloss products while giving the application feel of a solvent-based alkyd.

Typical applications

  • High gloss trim paints
  • Wall and ceiling paints from flats to a high gloss
  • Interior/ exterior primers for wood and metal
  • Direct-to-metal coatings with anticorrosive properties
  • Transparent and semi-transparent stains

Polymer design

  • Short oil alkyd
  • APEO and ammonia-free
  • Low VOC capable < 50 g/L

Performance benefits

  • High gloss potential and excellent gloss retention
  • Very good hardness
  • Quick-dry time
  • Low yellowing
  • Good stability with anticorrosive pigments
  • Good application characteristics
  • Outstanding resin for blending with other technologies, including styrene acrylics, acrylics and polyurethane dispersions

Typical properties

Performance comparison


  • Synaqua® 4804 offers very high 20° gloss potential
  • Synaqua® 4804 displayed better 20° gloss than the two competitive products

Gloss chart 1


  • Yellowing evaluated upon film exposure to ammonia vapor environment
  • Synaqua® 4804 shows slightly better performance than Competitor B and significantly better yellowing resistance than Competitor A

Yellowing chart

Dry time

  • Synaqua® 4804 has a dry time comparable to Competitor A; faster dry hard than Competitor B

Dry time chart


  • Synaqua® 4804 offers good hardness development for typical decorative trim enamel applications

Hardness chart

Block resistance

  • Synaqua® 4804 develops good block resistance similar to competitive waterborne alkyd resins

Block resistance chart


  • Synaqua® 4804 offers good multi-substrate adhesion characteristics on both wet and dry adhesion

Adhesion chart

Scrub resistance

  • Synaqua® 4804 shows good scrub resistance potential compared to competitive waterborne alkyds

Scrub resistance chart


  • Synaqua® 4804 shows good overall washability performance

Washability chart

Gloss retention: UVA/condensation exposure, 20 degreed gloss

Gloss Retention 20deg chart

Gloss retention: UVA/condensation exposure 60 degree gloss

Gloss Retention 60deg chart


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