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Product overview
Saturated carboxylated polyester suitable for the formulation of decorative and protective thermosetting tribochargeable powders in combination with epoxy resins. For mat paints by dry-blend with REAFREE 6877-T. Gas oven stabilised. TMA free type.
Performance benefits Excellent Adhesion, Good Balance of Properties, High Impact Resistance, Low Hardener demand
Application benefits Low Reactivity, Matte Gloss capable, TRIBO Gun Application
Sustainability benefits Organo-Tin Free
Market Industrial Metal
Segment Furniture, General Metal
Resin crosslinker 80/20
Curing conditions 15/200
Gardner Color, 50% ( ASTM D-1544) max.3
Glass transition temperature approx.55
Melt viscosity at 165°C, Pa.s ( ICI - DIN 53229) 30-70
Acid Value, mg KOH/g ( ASTM D-1639) 23-26
Chemistry description Saturated Carboxylated Polyester / Epoxy