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REAFREE® C4705-10

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Product overview
Masterbatch at 10% of a special catalyst in a Carboxylated polyester. Recommended to accelerate curing of Hybrid, PT-910 (Huntsman) and TGIC polyester powder coatings.
Application benefits High Reactivity
Sustainability benefits Low Energy for Curing, Organo-Tin Free
Market Additives, Architectural, Industrial Metal, Industrial Wood
Segment General Metal, MDF & Wood Parts
Gardner Color, 50% ( ASTM D-1544) max.2
Glass transition temperature approx.66
Melt viscosity at 165°C, Pa.s ( ICI - DIN 53229) 10-30
Acid Value, mg KOH/g ( ASTM D-1639) 30-40
Chemistry description Saturated Carboxylated Polyester / CATALYST Additive