Crayvallac® Additives

Product range

The range of CRAYVALLAC® additives have been developed to help formulators improve the performance of solvent-free, solvent-based and water-borne coatings.

Coating Resins by Arkema proposes a wide variety of functional additives for decorative and industrial coatings, sealants, adhesives and inks.

Crayvallac® additives include rheology modifiers, surface modifiers (designed to improve properties like matting, anti-abrasion, slip and rub, sanding and texturing), and flow and leveling agents.

The range is available and well-known globally for its performance properties.

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Rheology modifiers

Rheology modifiers for the control of sedimentation and sag resistance!

For rheology control, Arkema offers the formulator a wide range of products based on castor oil derivative and a variety of chemistries such as amide, urethane, oxidised polyethylene, to achieve the following performance properties:

  • Sag control
  • Anti-settling
  • Low thickening at high shear
  • Good levelling
  • Recoatability
  • Transparency

The products are supplied under various supply forms (powder, paste, liquid) to fit with the formulators' processing constraints.



 These rheology modifiers are especially used in :

Surface modifiers

Based on polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE, for the control of surface lubricity and appearance, these products are available as micronised powders or dispersions of micronised powder in water or organic solvents. These high performance products enable the formulator to control both the lubricity and appearance of coatings and to reach the following performance properties:

  • Gloss and matt control
  • Slip and scratch
  • Mar, rub and abrasion
  • Sanding aids
  • Solvent resistance and water repellency
  • Blocking resistance
  • Texturing
  • Stain resistance



 The end application markets for these additives are mainly :


Flow and leveling

Flow and leveling agents for the enhancement of surface properties!

Crayvallac® additives are high performance flow and levelling agents for the control of coating surface properties. Based on polyester and acrylic chemistries, they have been developed to provide the following benefits :

  • Eliminate film surface defects
  • Improve substrate wetting
  • Air release properties
  • Defoaming properties


The end application markets for these additives are mainly :

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East
North America


  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Paint
    • Paint additive
    • Paint or coating additive


  • Coil coating
  • Paint additive
  • Paint and coating