Pressure sensitive adhesives

Sticking is challenging. Being an acrylic leader and operating worldwide, we are supporting you with a complete range of solutions to address your toughest challenges. Our technologies contribute to create your added value and assist your sustainable goals.

From permanent to ultra removable applications, we provide high performance PSAs:

Food and packaging labels

vegetal with food label

Labels are everywhere and require high quality PSAs and safety for the consumer.

Construction tapes

Construction tapes

Our PSAs promise you security and confidence for construction applications.

Automotive tapes

automotive tapes

The automotive market expects durability and excellence which is our standard for PSAs.

Packaging tapes

logistic label

Let's find the most efficient and high performing PSAs for packaging tapes.

Protective films

protective film

The right PSA technology to protect your valuable surfaces.


APEO free

Solvent free

Food contact compliance

Low VOC/no fogging


Coater-ready solutions

High solid grades

All coating processes covered

Excellent converting/die cutting


Perfect balance in adhesion, cohesion and tack

High ageing stability

Wide service temperature

Heat resistance

Blushing resistance

Clarity, no ghosting

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